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Inspiration for Hosting a Wine + Wreath making Gathering

Inspiration for Hosting a Wine + Wreath Making Gathering

This past weekend we hosted a wine + wreaths gathering. Such a festive way to usher in the holidays. We spent a late afternoon sipping wine with friends while crafting festive wreaths for the season.

I asked guests to bring along foraged nature finds to share. We live in California so foraging ideas for our friends included evergreen boughs, eucalyptus, pomegranates, pepper berry branches, grasses, berries, dried oranges, herbs, flowers, pinecones whatever they could find in their yards or on a nearby walk or bike ride. Some friends brought feathers, ribbons, tassels etc. There was no shortage of creativity or goodness to share which made it even more fun.

On a long table in our courtyard, I set out wreath forms, cutters, wire + balls of jute. Some friends used glue guns as well to add in finishing touches.

I gave a short how-to as many of our friends had never made a wreath before. An easy way to jump in is to gather the various bits you love into a small posy, think sage, lavender, thyme, wheat toppers + boxwood clippings. Then wrap wire around the base of the posy to keep it together. ( you can make several at once ) When ready layer the first posy onto the wreath base (we used simple wire forms from Michaels) + wrap wire around the stem portion of the posy then layer on the next section-covering the first stems with the new posy leaves etc. Continue going around until things feel as layered as you’d like. Mind you, that is one way to make wreaths, there are endless ideas. Some people wanted tighter looks others more wild and carefree. There are no rules to creating festive wreaths just take your time and let your creativity flow. If using grapevine wreath bases you can poke bits of nature into the vine layers quite easily and use wire if needed. For larger things like dried sunflower heads or pomegranates we drilled a hole to poke wire through.

Guys were included though only one made a wreath-our son Sigerson! John made a gargantuan pot of spicy chili with oodles of toppings and we made our dining table into a charcuterie tablesscape. We set up a bar out in our courtyard so that our friends could grab something to drink while letting their creativity flow.

It was such fun event that we’re going to host one of these each fall. And now that we know our friends have some pent up crafting cravings lots of ideas are being floated around along these lines. Creative gatherings are a lovely way to connect, relax + do something different than the usual cocktail party or dinner.

Cheers + love,


Tracy + John

2 Responses

Elizabeth Thetford

Elizabeth Thetford

November 09, 2023

Tracy and John! That sounds like so much fun! I want to do that. I can’t do it this year but I would love to do it next year.
I have loved getting to “know” you both through TPC. I just discovered the “lives” a few months ago. And I love your clothes.
Thanks for your inspiration!!



November 09, 2023

oMG I love this! did you provide all the wreath forms (wire wreath forms and/or foam)? such a fun idea – think I am going to do it!
did everyone bring wine or did you provide?
thanks for the inspo..

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