Our pup, Royal, + I take a brisk early-eve walk each day, always looking for new happenings in nature. The peach trees are in glorious full bloom — truly a sight! The eucalyptus, too. Bees giddy + buzzing about the blossoms. We love stopping to see the horses along the way; they always provide a sassy performance of snorting + galloping, before they stop for a 'hello'.
Also we look for the donkeys + cows if they are by the fences + care to chat or get a scratching. A small herd of sheep guarded by a few emu, all grazing on hillsides cloaked with periwinkle-colored lupines are truly picturesque. The emu have two giant teal-colored eggs. I’ve never in my life seen eggs this color.
The pond, too, is also a daily must visit, the massive orange carp seem to be ready to lay eggs near the ponds edges soon as they linger for long bits of time. The pond-side smell is magnificent - honey sweet + earthy. The red-winged blackbirds are out in force... making me recall walks down my long childhood country driveway on Artesian Road. Oh, and—sweet peas are coming up between the vineyard rows! I can hardly wait for them to bloom.
Sending you love + kisses from the countryside! xxx