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Creativity Takes Courage and More

May 1st, 2020
Need a bar cart or mini bar makeover? Start from scratch and clear your intended space, then hunt your home for the goods!
For height and a pattern-ful layer grab a thicker book or two that sport funkier covers.
The books will also serve as a tray of sorts + a great spot to park a high-low mix of vintage + new glassware.
Bring in a nip of nature if you have access. Also, hunt down a unique or meaningful piece of art work you might've tucked away, and use it as a soulful backdrop.
A mirror would be scrumptious too if you'd rather go that direction.
If you have the space, a small lamp always adds charm and ambiance. Lastly put out your prettiest spirits, wines or lemonades etc. Oh, and if you want to feel comfy and chic while you're making your magic...we've got you covered at The Porter Collective! Happy May m'love. Hope this month brings you oodles of beautiful moments.
Sending you love from the countryside xxx

April 30th, 2020
Inside of you is an endless well of creativity just waiting to be explored. The more you use it...the more it will grow. Put your self doubt aside and let your imagination soar! I promise your soul will swell! I’m waving your flag + sending you love from the countryside xxx
April 27th, 2020
I tend to be a glass-half-full girl. I always think good will come of things. But I will tell you I have learned more from failing than anything. Rock bottom is a place that is filled with ideas and perspective and humility if you are willing to open your mind and eyes to it.
It's where true bravery is born. It's where you show up for you because there's no other choice. It's where you realize the world just keeps moving even if you feel at a stand still.  It's where you realize in your heart of hearts that the little things are everything and that part of your journey is to mine out exactly how you want to live your life no matter what. Today is a gorgeous day to fall in love with all the little things and make some magic...don't you think?
Sending you love from the countryside xxx

April 26th, 2020
Surely you've heard the statement that creativity takes courage. I'd agree, but I'd add to it...that creativity also gives courage and confidence once you get going. When I was a kid I was terribly shy. I was the one in kindergarten who stood next to the teacher's desk during recess and watched the other kids play. Thankfully my parents would regularly plant me on our back deck overlooking nature, a big pad of paper and some paints in front of me.
That is where I blossomed. Before long I became pretty good at painting and as time went on my confidence grew and my inner social butterfly along with it.
I know starting something can be scary, but it can also be exhilarating if you pivot your perspective a bit toward the glittering edge of things. Sometimes all you need to do is play around like a child might, until you find your wings. It's easy to get intimidated, the blank page syndrome is real.
Try starting small and avoid fancy materials or tools, as they too can make you feel like you don't know what your doing. Think of using your creativity like you use your muscles, you have to use them regularly to stay in shape.
Little things add's the same with being creative. There are millions of ways to fall in love with your creativity, but you have start in order to know the feeling.
Sending you love from the countryside xxx