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Musings On Mixing Colors and Patterns


Being a self-professed (and rather bold ) pattern and color-lover who wears and decorates with both liberally, I'd like to share a few thoughts to inspire you to play more with the goodness of these wonderful bits. What works for your sensibilities is what matters most. Confidence is everything when you dress and decorate. Own it, m'love - it's your story.

For me, there are no rules per se, just considerations to help if you aren't confident in the wonderful world of pattern and color but want to dip your toes in.

Pick a hero to start with, it can be whatever your eye is first drawn to. A bold print or a smaller one. Once you've nailed that find another pattern or two (or more) that are very different in scale from your hero. A small ditzy calico paired with a bold black and white floral and a stripe on the side, is one example.

I am a maximalist lover of color and pattern clash as I find it very exciting. I love when my sensibilities are heightened and my eyes want to rove. If you are not comfortable with more-is-more, try to choose like colors and less patterns for more balance and calm.

Solids will always bring balance if you're feeling like there is too much going on. And don't forget about textures, they can add delicious interest as well.

While much advice will encourage you to limit yourself, it's not how I roll. Surprise, surprise! My feeling is this: don't worry yourself with the number of prints or colors, or the myriad of rules, experiment a lot; that's how you will learn. Go toward things that make you giddy. It's incredibly personal. The more you experiment the more confident you'll become.

Would you like to see a video on this? I'm always happy to share inspire more!

Cheers and love from the countryside,


Watch the video below!!