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About 25 or so years ago, when my mother broke her leg, I gave her a book—I think it was called Legacy—basically writing prompts to share your life story with your family. I love that I have so many of her stories on paper. What a treasure! Johns mom is currently working on her version as well.

So— on that note, we thought some videos where John + I do a little rapid fire of questions over a picnic with wine, or perhaps cocktails + appetizers another time, would be a fun thing for our 4 boys to view at some point in their lives. Since we’ve been married 28 years, and have worked together all along while raising a big family, we thought you might enjoy these bits and bobs of our life stories etc. as well. So here goes! Let’s see where this takes us. Please share your thoughts, and of course questions you might like to hear us ramble on about next time. We’ve been around the world and then some... + we’re happy to inspire in any way we can!

Cheers + love from the countryside



May 19th 2020
When Boys Talk

For Mother’s Day, I asked our 4 sons if they would join us for an unedited. Years down the road I think they’ll love watching this. I know John + I will since teenagers change so much over the years! We thought you might enjoy it too.
Hope this post finds you well!
Cheers + love from the countryside xxx

April 29th, 2020

We're back with another unedited! If you're new to these, I'll share that we started Unedited videos so that our 4 boys might someday enjoy them.
Sometimes we rapid fire questions at each other, other times we pick a topic and ramble on...or shall I say reminisce. We shot this one a few nights ago. It's about our journey with food, one of our favorite topics and pleasures. Join us in the lupine meadow as we have a cocktail and chat away.
Hope you're well and finding some beauty in your days.

Cheers + love from the countryside xxx

P.S. I will share that our rambling went beyond the allotted 15 minutes that IG stories allows, hence the abrupt end.
P.P.S. We are always open to topics if you have an idea! xxx


April 9th, 2020
Finding Inspiration



Hello m’love! I hope today finds you well. Here’s a new UNEDITED! Thank you for joining us as we delve into a favorite topic! Finding inspiration. As always we welcome topic ideas! Sending you love from the countryside xxx


March 30th, 2020
Start + Adapt: How We Began, Part 2


In all honesty, I question everything I post these days. I know I’m not alone in these feelings. I want to inspire with my posts. Inspire hope, love, beauty, list is endless. But I realize in these distressing times, beauty or inspiration of my kind may not suit some. I’m trying to give a moment of calm; I hope you can feel this in my posts + stories. Each of us has something to share that might help others. Inspiration is what I know how to give...and I share it with love. xxx

March 26th, 2020
Start + Adapt: How We Began, Part 1


We’ve always loved hearing entrepreneurs stories of their beginnings. The imperfect yet oddly right timing. The starts + stops. The mistakes. The adapting. Here’s a bit of our story, part one. Hope you’re finding beauty in your day, in whatever way you can. Sending you love from the countryside xxx



March 14th, 2020



March 10th, 2020


Hello gorgeous!
Hope your week is off to a skippy start! Here’s another unedited. For those of you who have not seen this series, we began making them because we have 4 boys and we thought later in life they might enjoy these snippets of their parents lobbing questions at each other. We’re gratefully going on our 29th year of marriage come August, and have been through much, as we have worked together all these years.
You learn a lot through all the valleys + hills in a long relationship. Most importantly you learn you must be true to yourself, and your partner must also be true to themselves. To us, it’s how you embrace the deliciousness of marriage—highs, lows...and every morsel in between.
Sending you love from the countryside


February 25th, 2020




February 16th, 2020


February 4th, 2020






January 29th, 2020