About 25 or so years ago, when my mother broke her leg, I gave her a book—I think it was called Legacy—basically writing prompts to share your life story with your family. I love that I have so many of her stories on paper. What a treasure! Johns mom is currently working on her version as well.

So— on that note, we thought some videos where John + I do a little rapid fire of questions over a picnic with wine, or perhaps cocktails + appetizers another time, would be a fun thing for our 4 boys to view at some point in their lives. Since we’ve been married 28 years, and have worked together all along while raising a big family, we thought you might enjoy these bits and bobs of our life stories etc. as well. So here goes! Let’s see where this takes us. Please share your thoughts, and of course questions you might like to hear us ramble on about next time. We’ve been around the world and then some... + we’re happy to inspire in any way we can!

Cheers + love from the countryside



February 4th, 2020




January 29th, 2020