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Our first Wednesday night show is in the books!  Thank you for joining us.  What a great show.

We introduced beautiful new items, gave away some great stuff and served up a great dinner: Pumpkin Tortilla Soup. 

Recipe and winners below.


Pumpkin & Butternut Squash Tortilla Soup

1 can of puree pumpkin
1 can of sweet corn (strained and rinsed)
1 can of black beans (strained and rinsed)
Vegetable broth

2 heirloom tomatoes
1 sweet yellow onion
1 fennel stalk
2 heads of garlic (bottom 1/3 cut off)
2 lbs chopped butternut squash

1 sweet yellow onion
"Mexican" cheese
White cheddar cheese
Alouette cheese
1/2 stick button

1-2 Avocados
1 shallot
1 lb of bacon
Maple syrup

Garam marsala
Vindaloo (Penzie's)
Powdered garlic

Mix with olive oil garlic heads, chopped butternut squash, thickly sliced tomatoes, 1 thickly sliced sweet onion and cleaned fennel.

Roast at 425 - in 1 rimmed cookie sheet lined with parchment - garlic heads (bottom chopped off), fennel, tomatoes & 1 onion; in 2nd rimmed cookie sheet lined with parchment - bacon; 3rd rimmed cookie sheet lined with parchment - butternut squash - all until roasted thoroughly.

Chop (by hand or cuisinart) garlic (pinch out soft cloves), tomatoes, onion and fennel.

In a large soup pot, mix pumpkin puree, black beans, corn, chopped veggies (garlic, butternut squash, fennel, onion & tomatoes) & broth. Stir in spices to taste and bring to a slow boil and then close and simmer.

Caramelize 1 onion and then add 2 oz bourbon, stir
Add cheeses and butter
Add 2 oz of garlic powder and pepper

Chop finely 1 shallot and set aside
Chop bacon and drizzle with 1 oz of maple syrup, set aside.

Ladle into a bowl soup, ladle on top some sauce, top with sliced avocado, bacon & shallots

Serve hot.

1 oz bourbon 
1/2 oz King's Ginger
1/2 oz St. Germaine
2 oz lemonade
Serve over ice in a smashingly good-looking glass

Giveaway Winners
Coin Ring (monica v)
Art - Mushrooms (
Sweater (SM) (ione h)
Pants (XL) (barbie b)
$50 gift card (sue w)


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