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8.22 Live Show Recipes and Winners

The 8.22 Live Show at 5PM (pt) was super funt.  Thanks for joining Tracy and me in our kitchen in the Santa Ynez Valley, CA.  Hurricane Hilary was kind to us, by passing us in general, only bringing humidity and dramatic skies.

Tonight I prepared Thai Chicken Soft Taco Wraps.  They are delicious!  During the time I wasn't on camera, I ate the entire wrap.  So good.

Chicken thighs were marinated in lemon juice, teriyaki sauce, powdered garlic, a little sweet chili sauce, salt, and pepper.  Grilled to perfection.  I then chopped and shredded the chicken in a large metal bowl and added coriander, pepper, salt, garlic, cumin, lime, garam marsala and a few other spices.  

Then Gus prepared chopped Scallions, White Onions, Red Onions, Napa Cabbage, Red Pepper, Mushrooms (pan fried), Radishes, Cilantro, Mint and then added Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, Lemon, Lime, and.... 

The Sauces

Then it was doused with some awesome Sweet Chili Sauce mixed with lime, ginger, garlic, and then a Peanut Sauce - right out of the bottle.

All the goodies were brought together in a flour tortilla wrap, for the best "soft tacos" ever.  

For the drink, we complemented the food with a spicy maragarita

  • 1.5 ounces De Leon Tequila
  • splash of Mathilde raspberry liqueur
  • 1/2 lime
  • splash of Aperol
  • 2 teaspoons agave
  • a few drops of Siracha hot sauce
  • "salt" the rim with Tajin
  • All shaken with some ice and poured over ice in salted glass
  • Coup de grace - a splash Grand Marnier


One of the best casual dinners ever!  

The winners of the Live Show Giveaway are,...

  • Alvara Shacket (SM) - Karen S.
  • Pazel Top (MED) - Mary P.
  • Alvar Turtleneck (L) - Janine S.
  • Art ("Chapter 3") - Marie N.
  • $50 gift card - Sabrina K.

Thanks again for joining us!

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