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8.29 Live Show Recipes and Winners

Great show today!  A wonderful Thursday night show.  The dynamic was electric! 


Pasta Salad
Farfalle (bowtie) pasta (made in Italy so a little easier on the stomach)
Roasted red pepper, yellow pepper and sweet white onion 
Diced red onion, tomatoes and radishes
Minced garlic
Thinly sliced linguiça - spicy and regular
Grated fresh parmesan
A dollop of mayonnaise (I used both regular and avocado mayonnaise)
Some white truffle oil
Salt, pepper and herbs de provence

Additional layers: cured black olives, basil, cilantro and capers

1 oz. Bourbon (which bourbon matters - Evan Williams for a good, inexpensive bouron or Four Roses Single Barrel for more $)
.5 oz 43 (the name comes from the 43 herbs and botanicals used to make it)
1.5 oz. Gingerade Kombucha
1.5 oz Lemonade
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Put all ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice, shake vigorously and pour over a glass of ice

Absidy Sweater (XS) Patti M
Star Struck Top (LG) Danielle J
Ariela Top (MED) Janine S
Ariela Top (SM) Sandra H


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