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9.5 Live Show Winners & Recipes

Thank you for a lively show!  Sorry for not having the code live on the items.  As I mentioned, we'll make it right for anyone that purchased the intro items during the show.

For today's dinner, I wanted to bring in a bit of the Fall with a Full Fall Chili (ingredients below) and the complementary cocktail (mix below as well).

Chili has as many variations as just about any meal ever made.  As you can see, I added my personal layer with the Al Pastor, Chorizo and the pumpkin yogurt sauce.

And the cocktail is extraordinary as well.  Lots and lots of flavor layers - some subtle and some less so.  But all yum.

Another twist, instead of corn chips, I went with four cheese pita chips.  They work well with the sauce and the chili.

Full Fall Chili
Ground turkey
Pork Chorizo
Al Pastor
Crushed tomatoes
Diced tomatoes
Red kidney beans
Pinto beans
Canellini beans
Sweet corn
Caramelized onion

Herbs & Spices
Italian Spices

Nonfat Greek yogurt
Pomegranate balsamic vinegar
Maple syrup

.5 oz Yellow Chartreuse
1 oz Blanco Vermouth
.5 oz Corbin Cash Sweet Potato liqueur
just a hint of lemon juice

The Live Show Giveaway Winners are...

$50 Gift Card - (Bonnie M)

Rigby Denim Jacket (LG) (Veda P)

Victoria Poncho Wrap (Susan R)

Paxton Jacket (MED) (Arona Z)


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