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Autumnal Inspiration For Adding Layers to Your Home

Ahhh, Autumn! Breathe in the rich warmth of autumn by layering natural textures that welcome the deliciousness of the season. Adorn your home with branches bursting with fall's vibrant bouquet - sprigs of berries, stems of drying flowers, bundles of leaves in ruby, peach and amber. Gather fallen seed pods, acorns and pinecones from forest floors to layer in. Create wreaths, garlands and centerpieces with foraged finds, no rules…natures layers always create a vibrant artful vibe. Add in cozy touches like wool blankets, linen throws, and flickering candlelight. Let your home reflect the poetry of the landscape outside - rich colors, nostalgic scents and natural textures connect you to the serene, celebratory spirit of autumn.

Cheers + Love

The Porters

1 Response

Jamie Hymowitz

Jamie Hymowitz

November 09, 2023

Dear The Porters,
You have outdone yourself this year in curating the fall collection. You have created beautiful vignettes with each show like mini canvases within your house which is large one. I love shopping with you. I do have issues with some of your sizing but everything you do is great.
PS. A huge shout out to Siggy. He is great at his job!!! I could never figure out when o asked him a question about an item I would describe down to the details. He would always respond that he did not know which item I was referring to so I would take a screen shot and send it to him. During your first live is when I found out Siggy was not a girl!!!!

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