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Hello Love!

We’re the Porter's, how delightful to meet you! 

Our mantra, empowering your uniqueness inside and out by inspiring you to be true to yourself, is at the core of our brand.

We’re a husband wife creative entrepreneur team who has worked together 20+ years!  Maybe you’ve seen us on Oprah, HGTV, or in magazines!

We live + work in the Santa Ynez valley of California. We have four boys and a handful of fur balls.

Cheers + love from the countryside,


Tracy and John

 P.S. Read our backstory below video for more goodness x


The Porter Collective, a sumptuous visual feast, came about as a result of Tracy Porter's unfettered belief that every woman has a story to tell. Tracy’s love of deliciously wearable layers are evident in the joyful distillation that is The Porter Collective.

Guided by her intuition and thirst for sensory experiences, Tracy designs + seeks goods that will bring a unique and timeless alchemy to one's wardrobe.

Porter's own aesthetic appreciation of casual wearable pieces that intrigue the eye and delight the senses - all while celebrating individualism - shines in Tracy's artisanal approach to her thoughtful curation.



A little more back story.

What began in an old chicken coop about 30 years ago has evolved ten-fold into who we’ve become + what we do. The Porter Collective is the sum total of our history. And while lots has changed, somethings are the same. We met on a photo shoot in Chicago. I had just moved home from modelling in Paris for a couple years, John had been in Italy + elsewhere doing the same. Our chemistry was instant + our creative + entrepreneurial spirits entangled as quickly.

Before we knew it, we married…moved to Wisconsin and started one of our first companies designing + manufacturing furniture from an old a chicken coop on our bucolic farm.


Soon we had a crew, a menagerie of critters + then several years down the road, four sweet rascally boys.


Like most small companies, there have been ups + downs and a whole bunch of sideways times too. Whatever we’ve created though, at the core of it is inspired moments…the sort of goodness you can’t wait to share with others in hopes that they’ll feel the magic too.


You could say we’ve been around the block, or more aptly around the mile. We’ve envisioned, designed + explored to our hearts content. You don’t always know where things are headed when you first start, but when you trust your gut + heart equally + you pour everything you have into it, you’re bound to find the golden bits along the way.

Creating stories is a big part of who we’ve always been, it’s how we share our vision + process. Several times a month we load up our jeep with props, picnic goods + gear then head to the beach or mountains where the light + air ignites something fiercely soulful in us. For the most part nature guides our shoots, the wild windy meadow to dance around in, or a stretch of violet-colored lupines that beckons us over for a bit. Sometimes we’ll find a spot, plunk down and let the video roll, you get good stuff that way and you create on a level that feels more like you’re playing than working. Our shoots allow us to uncover more of who we are and how we can inspire others.  At the heart of all we do, inspiring others to be true to themselves matters to us, I suppose it’s because it’s how we’ve tried to live our lives. And while some days you have to dig a little deeper to find that thing inside you that rings true, you can be sure it’s there waiting to be discovered and explored.

Thanks for discovering us, we hope you'll stay a while xxx