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Sequins needn't be reserved solely for glitzy evening affairs. With a bit of artful styling, these light-catching gems can impart a touch of glamour to any look, any time of year. By thoughtfully layering and pairing sequin pieces with unexpected textures and everyday basics, sparkling sequins seamlessly transition from evening opulence to effortless daytime polish. From edgy leather to relaxed knits, here are a few of endless inspirations for incorporating sequins into our daily wardrobes in imaginatively cool ways.

Layering a sequin skirt with a faux leather moto jacket creates an artful interplay of textures. The light-catching iridescence of the sequins plays beautifully against the edgy polish of leather. Whether a metallic silver or midnight black sequin skirt, this unexpected combination effortlessly transitions sequins from evening glam to daily-wear chic. Complete the look with a simple tee and ankle boots for an ensemble that seamlessly blends high shine with urban edge.

For a relaxed spin on sequins, pair a sequin camisole with an oversized, cozy cardigan or try a pullover knit paired with a sequin skirt or pants. This artful combination feels perfectly at ease while still imparting sequins’ innate grandeur. Elevated basic knits balance the feels polished nonchalance.


Incorporating sequin pieces into everyday outfits like jeans and t-shirts diffuses their opulence into ultra-chic high-low style. A sequin tee or skirt styled with well-worn denim and simple sneakers blends glamour with a laidback vibe that feels effortlessly now. This clever mixing shows how sequins can shine through daily life instead of solely being reserved for formal occasions. It’s an inspired way to make sequins part of modern everyday fashion.


The dazzle of sequins softened with relaxed knits and sneakers creates an easygoing glamour, perfect for everything from brunch dates to holiday shopping. Luxe sequin joggers or a sequin sweater paired with a basic tee and white high-tops imparts the perfect dose of glitz to off-duty wear. This artful contrast between casual pieces and sequins’ grandeur gives familiar looks a hint of festive polish. It’s an inspired way to shine anytime.


Topping a sequin blouse with an edgy blazer or jacket atop vintage-washed jeans creates a decadently tactile interplay while still feeling refreshingly modern. The luxe textures combined with ballet flats is both dressy and artsy in feel. Together these thoughtfully contrasting pieces convey an imaginative styling sensibility that’s simultaneously chic and gracefully at ease. It’s an elegantly curated look ideal for making an entrance at holiday soirées and beyond.


Whatever way you choose to wear your sparkle enjoy it!

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March 11, 2024

Thank you for great inspiration and how to, it’s exactly what I wanted to know!

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