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We recently moved into a charming historic farmhouse built in 1880, a lovely-oozing-with-charm gem we’ll love up while we search for land to build on over the coming years. Last night while making dinner, we played our first of the season holiday tunes, it felt so cozy along with lots of candles + a glass of wine. Change can be challenging to embrace, but we have found if you try to see it as an opportunity to be introspective + grow it helps the transitions. Along with our move, two of our four sons recently moved into their own homes as well. No question that pulls the parent-heartstrings in all kinds of wonky ways, all good stuff though. I’m guessing you get as nesty as we do when the holidays approach, we’re already planning the night we decorate our tree and also thinking about where our gingerbread village is going to sit when we create it in December…our long kitchen table is top of mind as it makes a darling centerpiece. But until then I made a few small pots of goodies this weekend. Simple + nature inspired with some ornamental purple kale and chartreuse reindeer moss plunked into a charming vessel. A few minutes of playing around with nature is my go-to, it stirs my creativity and is deliciously relaxing. The perfect combination for a blissful bit of time. Hope you find some inspiring moments like these in the coming weeks.

Cheers + love from the countryside,


Tracy + John

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Debbie Klose

Debbie Klose

November 08, 2021

What a lovely story /share.

Well written and very cozy to read.


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