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Wellness comes in many forms and immersing yourself in nature and being aware of all the beauty and goodness around you is a great habit to get into daily. Without realizing it you slow down, you breathe deeply + you step outside of yourself and become one with all of natures vibrations.

Gathering up bits of nature on walks is another way to connect to it. Little snippets of greens or flowers, budding branches + even the random weed offer surprises worthy of your attention. Once gathered, the goodies you’ve found are perfect for making little posies or creations that inspire you. There are no rules, just let it flow. It’s a whole other way to connect to nature + indulge in your creative side.


A few helpful supplies + tips.


You can plunk your goods into anything from a pretty glass to a teacup, a small silver cachepot…it’s endless really. Just keep your mind open.


Consider a variety of textures, colors + sizes when gathering up the vessels you want to use to display your nature finds.


Candleholders are perfectly sculptural to add some greens or wily weeds to with twine or kitchen string.


Various sizes of floral frogs, chicken wire or floral tape are useful when arranging. Twine or some kind of string for tying. A pruner is ideal to easily cut small branches, roses etc. Flower food (you sprinkle into water) is great for keeping arrangements alive for longer.


Cheers + love from the countryside,


Tracy + John

2 Responses

Lorraine Chamberlain

Lorraine Chamberlain

September 02, 2021

U2 are delightfull. I’d drop by for a sip & tipsy tulips w/you kids anytime! I’ve got a deadly collection of ancient frogs
(yes – Ouch!) but had no idea there’s a Lilliputian version. Handy!
I’ve already got an eclectic collection of vessels to fill. I’ll get right on it. Thanks!🌷🌿💕



April 08, 2021

Love this, thank you! Looks fun & easy, breezy! Love y’all!xo

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